"The state of being in good financial health as an actively pursued goal"

“The best way to predict your future is to create it” – Abraham Lincoln

The families and business  owners we work with struggle with the same financial concerns as you and as married business owners, we understand the difficulty many face when it comes to discussing money and financial matters.

Although the specific need may be different - cash flow demands, putting kids through college, saving for the future, retirement planning – the primary concern is always this –taking care of their family and feeling secure while living a more purposeful life.

In the past, the transition to retirement has been viewed solely as an economic event and, as a result, the focus of retirement planning has always been building a nest egg. At Core Financial Partners, we believe that financial security is extremely important, but financial resources alone will not guarantee a rich and rewarding life. We learn what is most important to our clients and allow that understanding to guide interactions and advice. Goals and objectives provide focus, purpose, vision, and direction for the financial planning process and personal values and attitudes shape priority placed on them. In other words, through the financial planning process, clients gain clarity in what they want in life and use their wealth as a tool to support these values and priorities.

We understand that clients today want their financial professionals to invest in the relationship, not just returns and be proactive in communication and good ideas. Our clients are busy managing what they do best and they want us to support and guide them in setting goals so they can achieve more while living within their values.

When we are able to uncover our client's vision of what financial success looks like to them, we are able to ease their fears, respect their concerns and help them better navigate their health and wealth from one stage to the next.

Many companies already utilize wellness programs in connection with their health insurance benefits as they understand a more healthy workforce is beneficial and helps lower costs and improve productivity, but what about for individuals? We believe wealth and health are inextricably linked, and that living well tomorrow starts with the habits we create today. There has been a lot of work done recently around the connection between someone's health and their wealth and how this factors in to how we, as advisors, should help structure a financial plan. People want to live a long, healthy life, with the financial means to enjoy it. That's why we're encouraging people to enjoy life's best moments but also prepare for the unexpected and develop the habits today that will help make it all possible.  After all, what good is wealth, if you aren't healthy enough to enjoy it?

Core Financial Partners will provide you with the financial tools you need to pursue your life with passion and confidence and the resources to help you understand the relationship between your wealth AND health, so that you have a better chance at successfully pursuing your goals and less stress in pursuit of financial wellness now and in the future.

Our goal and commitment is to helping you live your best life, today and tomorrow.