The path to Core Financial Wellness starts with a warm conversation in our relaxed office setting.

We invite you to share what brought you to us today;

Your goals.

Your priorities.

Your fears and your concerns.

We greatly appreciate your sharing of any prior financial experiences you may have had; good and bad. 

We firmly believe that the most goals can pursued by forming a working relationships built on a solid foundation of clear communication of ideas, transparency and trust.

We welcome you to share your expectations of a financial advisor; such as how you'd like to be communicated with and how often you'd like to meet. In return, we will gladly share our respective experience, skills and value and how we work together to help clients achieve their best life possible.

You can and should expect absolute transparency and full disclosure at all times, from performance data to comprehensive fee structure.

You will receive regular communication from us during buoyant markets as well as declining.

We respect your feelings during tough market times and are readily available for conversations to address your concerns and help ease your fears by helping you separate your emotions from the investment process, clearing the way for rationale thought.

In the event that a client calls or e-mails after traditional working hours or weekends, we simply and respectfully request that they leave a message conveying any urgency, and the call will be returned as quickly as possible.

If you feel that our client service model meets your expectations, we welcome the opportunity to guide and assist you in your path to pursuing Core Financial Wellness.