Would you let your general practitioner work on your heart?

One would hope not!

While there are many qualified financial advisors to assist individuals in acheiving their personal wealth goals, the evolution of ERISA, the role of the DOL, and the potential for personal liability to plan sponsors and trustees for fiduciary breaches demands the skills, experience and resources of a qualified retirement plan professional.

We respect their role as fiduciaries and understand their concerns that surround the risk to themselves and their trustees associated with maintaining a qualified plan.

As retirement plan professionals, this is not an ancillary part of our individual business, it is our focus.

We strive to stay abreast of the qualified plan and legislative landscape and actively seek the knowledge and information from respected thought leaders in ERISA law, and investment management.

Recognizing the specific differences in prioritizing criteria for investment selection in a qualfied plan, we purposefully strive to update our third party investment anlaysis programs to ensure our information is current and relevant to workplace retirement plans

Maintaining necessary skills and retirement plan specific accreditations by consitently pursuing continuing education opportunities are further demonstrations of our ongoing commitment to this niche market.

We are committed to guiding and assisting plan sponsors and their trustees in offering a best practices retirement plan to help mitigate fiduciary risk and create a planning process for participants. With process driven guidance, extensive due diligence and careful documentation, we stand beside plan sponsors as a co-fiduciary to help them navigate and fulfill their fiduciary obligations to the plan and their valuable members.